" What about Marty? "
— Kristen Connolly, The Cabin in the Woods

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Pic of the Week

Each week we pick a recommended "Pic" from our archives. Below are our most recent picks.

Noi Albinoi

***2004, Dagur Kári

Set in a small town in Iceland (in winter, no less), Noi Albinoi is a meditation on loneliness and isolation. It’s not “superbly entertaining” or any other Shalit-ism, but it does offer food for thought. It was more interesting rattling around in my head afterwards than while watching it.

Under the Skin

****2014, Jonathan Glazer

A fascinating mystery that works emotionally and visually

Nobody in Under the Skin gets a name. Naming characters is a human convention, and Under the Skin has an alien perspective.


***James Cameron

Titanic budget supports an old story and some military hardware

In director James Cameron’s Terminator 2, the story demanded new film technology. The character of the T1000, made from a “polymimetic alloy,” was not possible as a special effect until Cameron made it happen on his previous film The Abyss.

Albert Nobbs

***Rodrigo Garcia

Albert Nobbs features a sterling performance by Glenn Close.

Albert Nobbs is a reserved, pleasant little drama featuring a sterling performance by Glenn Close.

The East

***Zal Batmanglij

The East emerges as an exciting piece of filmmaking from the independent scene’s hott

Amid a hot summer of huge blockbusters, The East emerges as an exciting piece of filmmaking from the independent scene’s hottest rising stars.

Atomic Blonde


Atomic Blonde offers an excitingly fresh and strong female lead.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”
— Slogan in a night club in Atomic Blonde

What Women Want


Gibson’s charming, effervescent, performance makes the movie

Tough guy Mel Gibson has played lightly comic roles before, but never has he been the lead in a romantic comedy. He makes a great “debut” in What Women Want.

Sin City

***2005, Quentin Tarantino, and Frank Miller

There’s still a lack of honesty in Sin City

While the presentation quality of Sin City on Blu-ray is superb, the clumsy handling of the Blu-ray exclusives and the omission of one of the better standard-def features make this a disappointing release.

Beauty and the Beast


Diamond edition adds to a top-notch film

It’s so easy to feel jaded about Disney’s entertainment empire, where everything seems to be an advertisement for something else. Love the movie? Why not see the stage show/buy the soundtrack/ take the theme park ride! And yet, almost every time I sit down to watch a one of Disney’s animated films on home video, I get sucked in. Yeah, it’s commercial art, but it’s top-notch, entertaining stuff.

Wild Hogs

***2007, Walt Becker

The movie manages to stay on course but the DVD’s extra features are road kill

Wild Hogs, one of the biggest hits of the spring, is now on DVD. Unfortunately, while the movie manages to stay on course for most of the ride, the DVD’s extra features are road kill.