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" I’ve been bought and sold five times "
— Danny Glover, Beloved

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The Same River Twice

An honest and touching examination of the process of aging —Pablo Kjolseth (review...)

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

***Ron Howard

The ending works so well, it’s unfortunate the bulk of the movie doesn’t pack a similar punch.

Solo isn’t top-shelf Star Wars, but it is an enjoyable ride.

Book Club (2018)


Book Club is nothing more than a harmless, generic bit of bumper sticker philosophy.

Maybe read a book instead.

Book Club is the kind of movie that would feel at home on the Hallmark Channel — perhaps as one of those extra-special, high-profile movies that kicks off a typical Hallmark season, such as Spring Love or Love Blossoms Again. In fairness, it’d be even better offered under something new, something like a theme called Hallmark After Dark, serving up a slightly more risqué view of love and dating and romance “after hours” (such as at 7 p.m. Mountain Time).

Rampage (2018)


Alas, the fun-o-meter registers only a wee amount of fun.

Rampage is big and dumb and not much fun.

Sometimes it seems like zero consideration is given to how a lead character actually plays out on screen.

Ready Player One

***1/2Steven Spielberg

The advice is simple: Get outside. Live in the real world.

Power-up for a whiz-bang ride through the 1980s and beyond, with Steven Spielberg serving as the nimble navigator.

Pacific Rim Uprising


As a result of del Toro’s departure, the world can now relish The Shape of Water.

Pacific Rim Uprising is a big, splashy noisemaker with no resonance.

Tomb Raider


Please, dear movie gods, bring Alicia back for another episode.

Alicia Vikander is fantastic as Lara Croft. But the famed adventurer’s greatest mission is still out there: finding the ultimate Tomb Raider screenplay.


*1/2Nash Edgerton

It’s destined to be streaming for free on Prime Video.

Gringo is half-baked Tarantino.

Let’s get one thing straight up front: Gringo is not a stoner comedy (and Tarantino had nothing to do with it). Never mind the clever placement of the green dispensary logo in the marketing materials. The drug influence is merely a catalyst for the action, with the story revolving around a major pharmaceutical company’s dippy-doodle plan to offer medical marijuana in a pill called Cannabax.

A Wrinkle in Time


It gives the impression the filmmakers gave up on the story’s logic and simply skipped to the end.

It’s a wrinkle in tone. The messages are solid, but the fantasy is a little cheesy and the execution is a little clunky.

Red Sparrow

**1/2Francis Lawrence

Shock value can only go so far when there isn’t enough of a connection established with Dominika.

Given all the sex and violence, it’s a shame Red Sparrow doesn’t generate much excitement.

Game Night


Game Night proves to be one comedy worth playing again.

Jason Bateman finally ups his big-screen game with this winning story of suburbanites in a not-so-trivial pursuit.



Alex Garland guts some of the source material’s most intriguing facets.

Annihilation implodes.

Annihilation is a movie that’s fascinating for all the wrong reasons.

Black Panther


There’s a pretty beautiful storyline crafted by Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole.

Black Panther is mighty good, but, like Wonder Woman, it’s also an easy target for hype and hyperbole.

Peter Rabbit


Peter Rabbit is an all-ages crowd-pleaser about a hero in a blue coat and no pants.

James Corden’s take on Peter Rabbit is the hare apparent to rein over gently irreverent family comedy-fantasy.

I, Tonya

****Craig Gillespie

The ice shavings from the skategate incident were merely the core of what’s become a huge snowball.

This movie about a bunch of losers is a real winner.

Molly’s Game


It’s clear Molly Bloom will continue to come up aces, no matter the odds.

Molly’s Game is music to the ears — it’s the music of crackling-good dialogue delivered by a spectrum of colorful personalities.